What Makes A Website Attractive 7 Tips for Beginners

Do you want to know how to make a website look professional .It is no secret that your business majorly depends on your
website because the website is your brand’s immediate representation. This is
the place where customers get to know you and build trust. So, if you, by any
chance fail to depict yourself most attractively and credibly, you will
eventually lose your potential clients.

Now it is important to mention that you will be competing
with a gazillion of websites and businesses online. To step up your game, your
priority should be to keep up with the latest trends. Usually, a nonprofit
organization is representing the idea on their website. It is essential to keep
the visitors hooked until they have absorbed the message you want to portray.

The first few seconds of navigation are crucial as the
visitors usually spend the first 5 seconds before they decide to either scroll
down or close the tab. Communicating your message in those 5 seconds is the
ultimate feat, and not very far-fetched, as it can be achieved if you follow a
few tips and tricks.

 5 Tips for Making Attractive Website 


1. Attractive Hues


Believe us when we say the color combination on your website
affects more than half of your traffic. Colors too strong and mismatched can be
hard on the eyes, driving away many visitors. Moreover, the gradients help in
establishing your brand’s credibility.

Colors represent different emotions such as care, sympathy,
and trust. A color scheme that holistically covers all aspects of your company
should be used. The phycology of color is very interesting. Different colors
represent different meanings. For example, Red depicts boldness, passion,
anger, and love; Blue is synonymous with serenity, peace, inspiration whereas
green usually symbolizes nature and health. The combinations give rise to
further emotions. Decide accordingly!

2. Too Many Elements –A Bad Idea

Don’t get too excited and add all kind so of elements to
your web pages. This can be a major turn off and immediately drive away people.
website design must be simple, smooth, and uncluttered. Decide the elements
that serve a purpose and meaning on your webpage. Relevancy is of utmost
importance. Moreover, your elements must increase the functionality of the
website. Imagine if a CTA does not lead to another page and the visitor keeps
on clicking, it but in vain – a bad idea.

3. Readable Font

Typography is the secret to readability and conveying a
whole story through mere words. Yes, font plays an important part in making
your website aesthetic. Just like colors, fonts also represent meaning. Choose
the type that represents your brand’s goals and ideas. But make sure not to use
too many fonts on your website. You must decide on a few fonts that go well
together and keep the text style consistent throughout the whole website.

4. Photos/Infographics

People process the images a thousand times faster than text
or elements. Add high quality and original photos on your websites that vividly
tell your brand’s story. You can include videos and infographics as well that
will immediately catch the audience’s attention. Some people do the mistake of
picking a regular photo that can be used anywhere by anybody, it gives a bland
overall feel and some keen eyes among the audience might disapprove of it
altogether.  Photos can express your
story in a few minutes, so use them wisely.

5. A Consistent Layout

Last but not the least, your website must have consistency.
Use the same flow of text, elements, images, and CTA on all the web pages to
give a coherent outlook. This further increases the brand’s credibility. Keep
the idea and message similar throughout the website, this helps in getting
across your message more distinctly.

A beautiful and consistent website will automatically drive
more traffic and consequently boost the leads. To properly convey a story
through the web visuals and text is truly a form of art that requires
contemplation and a strategy. Investment in a good website will pay you off
greatly so let’s start building an aesthetically pleasing website right now


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